If you need help with getting rid of spiders, you have come to the right place!


Spiders are the second biggest “bug problem” in the Temecula and Murrieta area so they are our second specialty! (Ants are our first specialty).

For example: Wolf spiders, house spiders, jumping spiders, etc. Spiders creep people out. We help to drastically reduce the numbers of these spiders inside, and even outside of the home.

Black & Brown Widows

What really keeps us in business is the Black Widows and Brown Widows. There is good news and bad news about these pests:

Bad News: There are LOTS of Black Widows and Brown Widows in Temecula and Murrieta. If we go to a house that has not been serviced for awhile it is not surprising to find 10-15 Widows on the property, and when a customer switches to us from another company we may still find 5-10 Widows on the property.

Good News: LOCAL Bug Guy takes the time to spray into the cracks where Black and Brown Widows hide. Most other companies spray the yard without taking the time to open trash cans, and to spray into the handles or flip over the furniture and kids toys to spray in the cracks where the Black and Brown Widows hide–this will kill less than half of the population on the property. Your LOCAL Bug Guy will take a couple of extra minutes to actually spray where these spiders hide. By spraying them where they live we get much better results than most other companies!


Honestly, our prices are very average.
Here are 4 things that make LOCAL Bug Guy VERY different from other exterminators!


LOCAL Results

Most companies brag that they do “everything.” We are the best at what people will need the most in the Temecula Valley-Ants and Spiders.


LOCAL Relationship

At LOCAL Bug Guy, you will almost feel like you are “working with the owner.” YES! You get the same tech every time! (See LOCAL JOBS)


LOCAL Convenience

At LOCAL Bug Guy we only service “tract houses” in the LOCAL area. Why? So that we can be available–especially when everybody is having bugs!



Why is it so hard to find a great service today? Because it is hard to find a great job (FYI great services are performed by great people working at great jobs).


We’ll keep the


for $1 a day.

Pick your service plan:

$109 every 3 months
(most popular!)

$109 every three months on a quarterly service (service every three months and pay every three months).

$90 Bimonthly
(stronger barrier)

Stronger barrier by servicing more often – (service every two months and pay every two months).

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If you live in the house and you want a regular service for regular pests (Ants and Spiders), and you live in a regular house (“tract house”), and you live in our small service area then LOCAL Bug Guy was designed to serve you!

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